FAA Ltd is one of the world’s fastest growing architecture, design and build firm.

Core Values

Our success only comes when we hold true to our shared purpose and core values: Values are the operating philosophy at our firm and guide our behavior for how we interact with colleagues and clients. They define who we are and how we behave. The values guiding FAA Ltd are Integrity, Excellence, Partnership, Innovation and Community Involvement.


We differentiate our company by challenging ourselves to look for new and better ways to deliver our expertise through innovative solutions that enable each client to realize its vision.


Integrity is our ethical foundation as a professional services firm. We strive at all times to conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and respect


Excellence describes our approach to our work: we reach for excellence and high achievement in everything we do.


Partnership describes how we work. We embrace partnerships with our clients and with each other, and strive to create the best teams and the best outcomes.

Community involvement

This is how we honour our responsibilities to the various communities where we work and live. We believe in contributing as volunteers, donors, and citizens. We support individual and corporate efforts to make the world a better place.


Integrity, Excellence, Partnership, Innovation and Community Involvement – values that will help us define a sustainable environment.